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    Breakfast All Day
    150 Recipes For Everybody’s Favorite Meal

    by Edon Waycott

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    • Publisher: William Morrow Cookbooks
    • ISBN: 9780688131333 (0688131336)
    • Format: hardcover, 160 pages
    • Genres: cookbooks
    • Release date: July 22, 1996
    • Language: english
    • Author: Edon Waycott

    About The Book

    Thin-Crusted Pizza crowned with goat choose and red peppers for breakfast? Honeyed French Toast Sandwiches for a mid-afternoon treat? Baked Eggs on Pipérade for dinner? Why not?

    Join Edon Waycott as she breaks all of the breakfast rules with 150 wake-up wonders that make luscious lunches, superb suppers, and marvelous midnight snacks. In this creative collection, anything goes; rise and shine with fruit and vegetable tarts or oven salads, souffles, and stir-fries. In Waycott’s world, morning glories can bloom anytime, as muffins and fluffy frittatas make great midday meals and pancakes and waffles-sweet and savory — end the day as satisfyingly as it began.

    Breakfast All Day ends mealtime monotony with recipes that are as practical and versatile as they are surprising and delectable. An unforgettable fall morning can start with Ham and Sweet Potato Hash, simply prepared from last night’s dinner vegetable. There’s enough Ricotta Broad Pudding to serve warm for dessert and to cat straight from the refrigerator for a midnight snack.

    Always quick and easy, Edon’s recipes can make even hectic weekdays special with breakfasts-in-a-glass like a Pineapple Papaya Soother, make-ahead broads like Whole-Wheat Banana Poppy Seed Broad, as well as good-for-you cereals like Multi-Grain, Multi-Seed, Multi-Nut Granola.

    Breakfast All Day indeed delivers around-the-clock delights. Edon’s house-special Salmonburger with Lemony Herb Mayonnaise is fabulous with scrambled eggs for breakfast but possibly even better between English muffin halves with a side of New Mexican Roasted Potato Wedges for a late-day meal. Bakers will adore Waycott’s tantalizing array of traditional breakfast yeast broads-like glorious Plum Kuchen and mouthwatering Pull-Apart Sugar and Spice Brioche — that are perfect for afternoon tea or nighttime milk and munching.

    For leisurely times, Breakfast All Day serves up stylish dishes and drinks perfect for special occasions, including Pan-Soared Figs with Mascarpone, Crunchy Crab Cakes, Pineapple Ginger Coolers, and Spiced Mocha Chocolate.

    Filled with great tips, pantry essentials, and gorgeous photographs, Breakfast All Day expands the wise old adage. For Edon Waycott, breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day but the most versatile and most delicious.

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