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    Soldier’s Girl
    Love Story of a Para Commando

    by Swapnil Pandey

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    • Language: english
    • Author: Swapnil Pandey
    • Release date: March 2017
    • Publisher: petals publishers
    • Format: paperback, 168 pages
    • ISBN: 9789385440380 (9385440381)

    About The Book

    Do you believe in Cinderella stories? Do you think fairy tales exist? Do you believe true love conquers all? Do you know how does it feel when a ferocious warrior is drenched down in love with a beautiful princess? If not then this ‘not so typical love story’ is for you where the bands of brothers replaces ‘Uncles and Auntyjis’, the army wives replaces usual wives, the commando replaces the nerd, bitchiness defines friendship, war decides the fate of the nation, mum is the ocean of tears, the glittering world of Army life has layers and amidst all the chaos exist two delicate hearts bound by one thread!

    ‘Ananya’ is the fashionista of generation Y just like the ‘Cady in Mean girls’ who never gets over the mess in her life. This swag queen is caught red handed with the weed which she wasn’t even smoking. And you know the best part? It was her last day in the college. Then her life would have been nothing but love songs if only she would have not chosen to fall for a Para Commando ‘Captain Aakash’ leaving all those IITians and IIMians mourning behind. ‘Captain Aakash’ is nothing but deadly. He just doesn’t walk but slithers from helicopters, slaughter terrorists, save innocent hostages, follow unconventional warfare and sleep with his TAR-21 assault rifle. But as Queen Elizabeth said ‘If a soldier loves you, walk like a queen’ he surely knows how to charm his queen! He takes Ananya to ball dances and carries the shopping bags. And for once when Ananya was thanking her stars that the love of her life vanishes to Kashmir Borders, just after ‘once in a lifetime sex’. Then enters ‘Captain Anant’ who provides her the solace of his company and they surely had their fun moments from kicking goons outside a discotheque to harass her clingy friend. But this escape from the reality lasts till he doesn’t abandon her too once the horrendous war breaks out between India and Pakistan where Arjun Tanks rams Pakistani T8-UD tanks, Jaguar fighter planes bomb Pok and INS Vikramaditya captures the Karachi port. Captain Aakash goes missing during a surgical strike but Captain Anant returns!

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